Passion, Imagination, Innovation

Located At The Heart of Digital Entertainment in our office in Burbank, California. We have direct access to more audio content publishers and advertisers than any advertising technology company on the planet. Only a few minutes away from Studio City and Hollywood, the AudioMate Headquarters sits at the epicenter of digital entertainment and new media technologies.

Founded by Adtech Veterans

Our founding team is comprised of adtech, digital media, and software development experts from companies like, CloudFlare, Allied Artists, and Every member of our staff brings with them not just years of experience, but the personal passion for digital audio and an innovative nature necessary to develop revolutionary new products in an industry we love.

Open Doors

We love hearing from artists, innovators, designers, advertisers, marketers, and anyone else inspired to reach out to us after learning more about our products and services. Unlike many tech companies whose offices are more like locked-down compounds, we encourage all our clients and potential business partners to meet with us in-person when possible. Whether it’s to talk business, share ideas, or just share a bite to eat.

We Build Relationships Based on Respect, Trust, and Transparency

The advertising industry can be a very convoluted, opaque space. At AudioMate® we recognize that openness, accessibility, and sharing data with our partners is key to maintaining long-term relationships with our clients. Our mission statement is to be the best friend to publishers and advertisers in this industry, and we take that commitment very seriously.

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