Manage, track, and keep in touch with all of your campaigns.

Launch and Evaluate

Our ADManager is developed to keep our publishers and advertisers close to the action when it comes to their campaigns.
Launch and evaluate CPM and CPA campaigns seamlessly – as one of our professional account executives operates and oversees your campaign from end-to-end.

Targeted Campaigns

Select the exact audience segment you want to reach. Features include: targeting based on country and region, language, frequency capping on impressions, and advanced data and analytics. The AdManager reporting center allows for real-time updates on all of your key criteria.

Reporting & Analytics

We ensure real-time data gathering for multiple campaigns, and the ability to create reports on-the-fly. Scheduled reports can also be delivered by e-mail at regular intervals.

Hesitation Free

Partners are paired with a highly available account executive who will provide thorough assistance throughout the campaign from start to finish.

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