Leverage Audio to Reach Your Audiences

Digital audio advertising is the final frontier for online marketers. Digital audio represents a massive, virtually untapped inventory of advertising opportunities that roll right into, during, or after premium content. For decades, advertisers have not been able to effectively reach digital audio audiences because of how fragmented the publishing landscape is, unlike digital video content which has largely centralized around major platforms such as YouTube and Hulu. AudioMate Inc. is the first player in the game to provide a solution to this problem for audio advertisers of any size.

Reach Your Audience

By tapping into our audio advertising exchange, for the first time audio advertisers are able to reach exactly the kind of audience they want to hear their ad campaigns. Advertisers can reach audiences across a multitude of verticals: including podcasts, music streaming platforms, digital radio stations, and call centers; target listeners by demographic data like age or gender; and even incorporate behavioral targeting capabilities, such as the ability to target users who have been looking for a specific kind of product online.

Benefits of Audio

Digital audio advertising offers many benefits to other marketing channels, including the ultra-low cost of producing audio advertising creatives, which offers marketers great flexibility in tailoring their actual creatives to their hyper-targeted ad campaigns, and publishers and content producers the option to reinvest their own ad revenue into advertising on similar audio content.

Valuable Partnerships

In addition, from our headquarters in Burbank, California, we have access to and partnerships with the best voice and sound effects recording studios on the planet, meaning any business, regardless of their experience with the digital audio content publishing industry, online marketing, or even advertising can immediately start spreading their brand’s message, reach new audiences, and generate new leads and conversions at highly-competitive rates compared to other advertising options.
Signing up as an advertiser in our network is as simple as filling out a short form specifying exactly what kind of user you would like to reach, and setting up a phone call with one of our ad sales representatives. Joining AudioMate as an advertising partner doesn’t require downloading or installing any kind of software, or even having any significant technological knowledge.



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