Pioneers of the Audio Ad Landscape

At AudioMate, part of what sets us apart from not just every other audio advertising company, but even from every advertising technology company, is that for every other employee we hire, we hire one engineer as well. Our research and development teams work tirelessly to constantly develop new, innovative products; not just to improve our client’s revenue, but to fundamentally change the audio content industry for the better.

Lightning Fast Audio Ad Servers

We’ve designed the fastest IAB standard-compliant audio ad servers in the world. Powered by Node.js, and utilizing the latest in database technologies including ELK Stack, our servers are light years ahead of anything else the audio content publishing industry has yet seen. Backed by a geo-redundant cloud computing network with data centers in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, we are able to deliver guaranteed 24/7 performance to all of our clients using our ad servers.

Automated Guaranteed Ad Buys

At AudioMate, we’ve distilled the most valuable aspects of real-time bidding systems, such as transparency, security, hyper-targeting, the ability to serve from a multitude of professionally done creatives, and the ability to guarantee that every ad our advertisers pay for has been heard by an actual user, and we’ve taken all of these components and incorporated them into our programmatic direct feature.

Programmatic direct deals enable an advertiser to receive guaranteed access to a specific publisher’s inventory and take priority over ads sold through the public marketplace on our programmatic real-time bidding exchange. Perfect for the mid-size publisher or large publishers who have not ran audio ads in the past, programmatic direct deals often provide excellent case studies for publishers who want to prove the value of their inventory to advertisers before opening up all of their inventory to the public marketplace.

Programmatic Real-Time Bidding Exchange

Our DAAST compliant programmatic real-time bidding exchange is the first platform of it’s kind in the entire world that is available to any professional independent audio content publisher. Based on proven systems for online display and video advertising, publishers and advertisers accessing our real-time bidding exchange are able to leverage the most advanced targeting, traffic analysis, and data visualization technologies available.


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