At AudioMate, we recognize the best and biggest names in podcasting often operate completely independent of any kind of corporate structure.

Stay Independent

We know you didn’t get into podcasting out of a passion to negotiate ad sales, pitch somebody else’s products, sift through endorsement deals or hire and manage someone to do all of that for you. Partner with us, and enjoy maximizing the yield on all of your available ad opportunities while having the time and freedom to focus on what you do best.

Scale at Your Own Pace

Our programmatic audio advertising exchange is capable of dynamically scaling demand to match any level of traffic you send through our platform. Whether you’ve had a core dedicated audience for years, or your audience is doubling in size every month, our systems have the support to meet your every need.

Synchronize Campaigns Through All Syndication Feeds

Podcast publishing is a highly fragmented space, and we know that many podcasters prefer to syndicate their content through multiple different platforms, using RSS feeds, mobile apps, streaming services, and similar technologies. Managing your ad campaigns through our dashboard empowers podcast publishers to maintain control over and synchronize advertising campaigns throughout all syndication services.

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