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Getting paid every single time someone listens to your material. This is the dream of every recording artist, of every comic who has ever poured hours into performing at open mics, of every musician who has ever been forced to deal with pay-to-play promoters charging exorbitant fees just for the opportunity to perform in front of their audience. With the goal of making this dream a reality for content creators and broadcasters across the world, and founded by industry veterans with years of experience on the bleeding edge of digital media technology, AudioMate Inc. is revolutionizing the way that digital audio content publishers monetize their existing audiences. Led by a team of programmatic marketing pioneers, AudioMate is the first in the world to develop an audio player backed by a real-time bidding exchange that can be utilized by any audio publisher, regardless of the size of their audience, to monetize every ad opportunity with only the top paying digital audio ads delivered by the most major agencies and brands at rates that far exceed any average that can be obtained through a traditional advertising sales model.

Proven Systems

Based on proven systems initially developed for video and display advertising, AudioMate’s real-time bidding exchange is developed around a series of programmatic algorithms designed to match each unique listener on a publisher’s website with the advertiser most interested in that inventory. When a user begins to stream an audio file on a site in the AudioMate publisher network, that advertising opportunity is immediately made available to every interested advertiser in the AudioMate advertiser network, as determined by our proprietary demographic targeting technology. The AudioMate real-time bidding exchange then compares CPM rate bids from all interested advertisers and selects only the highest offer, ensuring publishers always receive the highest CPM rates for their inventory, and that advertisers can buy into only the inventory that exactly fits their target demographic for their campaign. In short, AudioMate works like a match-making service for publishers and advertisers, delivering a perfect pairing every time.
Perfect for independent publishers, AudioMate removes the need for small teams to have a dedicated advertising sales representative, by clearing any and all remnant inventory for our publishers. Our technology also blends seamlessly with any direct sold deals or sponsorships, and gives publishers total control over the brands and buyers they allow to market to their audience.

Friendly DASHBoard®

Our user friendly interface allows publishers in our network as much control over their inventory as possible. Through our client login portal, publishers can ban or approve any brand or buyer in the advertiser network, access revenue and reporting information, connect directly with a live client service representative, set and adjust pricing floors for their inventory, and view highly detailed information on the kinds of agencies and brands buying into their inventory and why. Additionally, joining our publisher network requires little to no technological background or knowledge from our clients. While our front-end interface allows for highly complex operations and deals to be executed directly by our clients, any request from our publishers can be easily communicated at any time over the phone or by e-mail to a member of our publisher support team, who will ensure their requests will be implemented and trafficked properly with the utmost care.

Easily Integrate

Providing cutting-edge technology that integrates seamlessly with traditional advertising sales through an advanced, yet incredibly easy to implement audio player with universal operating system and file type support, AudioMate is paving the way for publishers everywhere to take control of their revenue and get the best possible value out of their work. Join the AudioMate publisher network today, and become a part of the digital audio advertising revolution.

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